The Heritage Study Centre at Wolds Workshop

Our Mission

The Heritage Study Centre at Wolds Workshop will be an educational facility for the heritage sector which sets out to foster intersections between making and thinking in particular- at all levels of professional experience and all age ranges.

It will host classes and seminars on topics related to any and all of the heritage trades that promote greater understanding of our physical heritage, the skills that shaped it and the knowledge required for its preservation and care.

Pop-up workshops

We are also developing a portfolio of “pop up” craft workshops in York and surrounding areas in order to bring heritage skills to communities. Our courses are designed to combine lecture, demonstrations and plenty of hands-on work. We particularly like it when classes are hosted in venues where examples of craft skills can be seen first-hand, such as a church or historic home, as this is a wonderful way in which to develop an increased appreciation of the fabric of the specific building.


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