Further dates for 2024!

The Harriet Centre, York Cemetery, York


10th February (Sat.) – Valentine Ornament in Stained Glass, 5hrs 10am-3pm


20th & 21st April (Sat./Sun.) – 2-Day Stained-Glass


10th & 11th (Thurs./Fri.) October – 2-Day Glass Painting & Glazing


12th October (Sat.) – 1-Day Stained-Glass


The Choir Vestry, St. Mary’s Church, Beverley


6th & 7th June (Thurs./Fri.) – 2-Day Glass Painting & Glazing


14th September (Sat.) – 1-Day Stained-Glass


Your tutor:

Helen Bower BA, MA, S.P.A.B. Fellow

As an experienced craftswoman Helen has been working in the field of stained glass for the last twenty years, including working on glass from medieval to modern at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and York Minster, as well as in commercial workshops in Worcestershire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. She has a degree in 3Dimensional Glass Design, a Masters Degree in Stained Glass Conservation and Heritage Management, and is also a Fellow of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.



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